The Mach1 platform is a highly customizable framework built specifically for service based organizations who are interested in a platform to enable future growth and innovation. Written utilizing the latest technology stack, the Mach1 platform allows you to kick-start your innovation with out of the box functionality through key modules with the flexibility of a custom, tailored made solution. This hybrid approach makes it an idea fit for mid-sized companies who don’t need a big box, expensive, ERP system and would rather use their time/resources to address the issues that give them their unique competitive advantage, or for those companies trying to play catch-up to their competition.


Job Costing

Built from the ground up for industrial services, turnarounds, and construction firms, Mach1 allows for superior job cost management.

Crew & Employee Management

Take control of your labor cost with features that allow you to assign rate sheets, crafts, and bill rates to ensure accurate cost & billing. Enable your staffing with employee scheduling and recruiting tools.


Project Life-cycle Management

Create and manage upcoming work with the opportunity module, and then track the life-cycle of that opportunity all the way to project completion using detailed work item breakdown structures and advanced budgeting.

Time Capture and Payroll

Mach1 uses transactional time capture including billing rates, cost rates, and invoice/time sheet workflows. Don’t enter time manually? Use the gate log integration with schedule based approvals to streamline your processes.


Unbilled Tracking

Global unbilled tracking for labor equipment, third party, and job site materials to ensure revenue is accounted for, thus increasing profits.