Professional Services


With over 75+ years of industry experience, there is no team better suited for evaluating your current business, processes, and technologies to recognize key opportunities for growth.


Using business tested technology platforms, we have the ability to design and develop both small and enterprise applications to take your business to the next level.


The power of software in business is its ability to bring systems and processes together through integration. As integration specialists, we pride ourselves in being able to bring your systems together so that your business is performing at optimal levels


Custom Software Development

Our team specializes in creating custom software to solve your specific technology needs. By having expertise across a large number of platforms, GCS can design a solution that creates innovative, cost effective results. Whether it’s web applications, portals, dashboards, business intelligence, mobile, or integration/API solutions, our team’s agile based approach can help with the complete project life cycle.

Business Process Improvement

By using our BPF (Business Process First) approach, we ensure that our solutions compliment your current business processes rather than create additional complicated work streams. With our robust experience in areas such as Operations, HCM, Back Office Accounting, Project Accounting, and Project Controls, we are able to create enterprise class solutions that improve multiple areas of your organization to help achieve greater ROI.


Professional Management Consulting

Our professional management consulting team can add highly specialized resources to any project, allowing you to leverage decades of experience without having to hire expensive full-time resources. Our team is focused on immediate results, and will make sure you get immediate value throughout the project, rather than spends months creating unnecessary documents and presentations.

Automated Workflows

GCS specializes in creating workflows that make your business process more efficient, consistent, and cost effective. By automating common business workflows, our solutions make your current resources smarter and more efficient, letting them work to improve your bottom line rather than complete mundane tasks.


Digital Transformation

Organizations must evolve quickly to address the changing business landscapes. To do this, business leaders need technology to be result oriented, innovative, and help create an environment of continuous improvement. By undergoing a digital transformation, we can help you accelerate these activities to fully leverage the opportunities technology improvements can provide. Our team of experts can help you assess, design, support, and implement these solutions so you can be sure that the investment is strategic and prioritized in the most effective way possible.